Helping People, Helping Pets: Keeping Pets in their Loving Homes

Serving the following counties

  • Rockingham, NH
  • Hillsborough, NH
  • Strafford, NH
  • Merrimack, NH
  • York, ME

Providing pet food and veterinary assistance to those that are in need.


Helping People, Helping Pets is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides access to veterinary care, pet medications, and pet food assistance to loving pet owners who are experiencing financial difficulty and are at risk of losing their pets.


Helping People, Helping Pets strives to avoid the relinquishment of animals due to owners’ inability to pay for basic needs and alleviate animal suffering as a result of hunger and/or delayed or nonexistent veterinary care.


According to The National Humane Education Alliance, the cost of the pet maintenance is a top reason why people relinquish their pets to animal shelters. Unexpected and expensive veterinary care further impacts owners’ ability to provide for their animals. Nationally, over 56% of dogs and puppies who enter shelters are euthanized (National Council on Pet Population Study). An estimated 5 million dogs and cats are killed each year in shelters (Humane Society of the United States).

Giving up a pet for financial reasons is a traumatic experience for both the animal and its family. Unnecessary relinquishment also creates an undue burden on local animal shelters and rescues.

You can help keep pets in their loving homes.

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